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North Carolina Office of Historically Underutilized Businesses Certification Training Webinar

HUB is a company level diversity certification that helps  businesses gain exposure to state  procurement & contracting opportunities.

MWBE Business: What You Need to Know about Insurance

Your business needs insurance, but do you know what is best for your success? James Smith of Centurion Insurance guides MBE firms through property insurance, business valuation, inventory, shipping goods, office space occupation and more.

MWBE Business: How to be Financially Successful to Acquire Loans and Grants 

CPAs Lori & Paul Kenney discuss what MBE businesses need to be financially successful in order to acquire loans and grants. Lori & Paul have helped secure over $1 Million in funding in 2020 for clients seeking PPP, EIDL loans, and other grants.

MWBE Business: Shared Use Kitchen at The Enterprise Center

The Enterprise Center Shared Use Kitchen is a fully licensed commercial use kitchen for food based entrepreneurs. Kitchen Coordinator Telissa Ward discusses the logistics, programs, and resources for minority businesses at the kitchen.

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