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ACCESS Center was founded through a partnership with Piedmont Business Capital and a local non-profit.

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Piedmont Business Capital creates shared economic prosperity through equitable lending and investment. The organization's vision is a financially strong, culturally vibrant community where each person has access to decent jobs, homes, health care, education, healthy food, and economic opportunities.  Through flexible, financial products and sound advice, PBC creates opportunities to make socially responsible investments that revitalize communities in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.


The work of PBC is a story of defying the odds through the grit and tenacity of people choosing to step out of poverty through entrepreneurship. PBC offers relationships, knowledge, and resources to aid willing and striving business owners in the process of achieving their goals.


How PBC achieves these outcomes:

  • Micro-Lending

  • Contract/Service Agreement Loans

  • Relevant and impactful development programming

  • Technical Assistance and Certification Workshops (MWBE, HUB, and DBE)

  • One-On-One Business Coaching

  • Community Advocacy

ACCESS has been made possible by Wexford Science + Technology, the developer of Bailey Power Plant, and the Innovation Quarter.  Together these organizations provided catalytic funding, space, and support.

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