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At ACCESS, we are simplifying supplier diversity. We provide clients with completely vetted diverse companies in our database ready to be matched with your organization. You want to support minority businesses, and we want to help you get there as quickly and as successfully as possible.

Our solutions are designed to help our clients solve real-life supplier diversity challenges that can help our clients achieve their operational objectives. We help public and private sector organizations thrive equitably and stimulate the local economy by:


  • Connecting purchasing offices, diversity and inclusion departments, prime contractors and corporations to transact more local business with MWBE companies.

  • Ensuring a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for your organization

  • Ensuring MWBE firms are qualified and certified with state and national certifications that meet your organization's procurement guidelines.

  • Increasing communication to MWBE firms about upcoming bids, contracts, and discretionary spending opportunities.



No need to wait for conferences or be constrained by travel budgets in order to make connections

Vet suppliers on our platform at scale

Provide an additional channel for goods and services

Browse supplier references, certifications and financials


Our Supplier Membership Program powered by ConnXus delivers the resources organizations need to grow a diverse contractor and supplier base

Performance reporting

Data Tracking

Unlimited number of connections to qualified M/WBE firms

Our Team

Our team is comprised of supplier diversity leaders from various sectors including:

Local Government





Annual subscription fee

Post & view unlimited number of contracts

Receive unlimited number of connections

Whether you want to increase your diverse spend, improve your organization's economic impact, or meet contracting goals, the ACCESS Contract Matching program is the solution. 

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